Selling in a Training Centric Business System requires you to think outside of the box! Sales people have to be certified trainers to help this platform get off the ground. Once we have the client started in the facility they go right to the Assessor before they do anything else in the facility. Why? It's a simple answer! Clients don't know what they need to reach their goals and it's your responsibility to show them.
Dear Fitness Entrepreneur,

Selling in the fitness industry! Some of you avoid it like the bubonic plague. As a fitness professional it is your responsibility to point clients and members in the right direction that will get them to reach their goals.

The equation is simple! But will only work if you have the right staff in place to make it happen. It's amazing what an effective system and the right staff will do to increase the sales success in your business.

Mary Schoepe

"I am the owner of what was small hybrid type health
club in upstate New York. In the 3 year association I
have had with the NFBA, I have found them to be very
knowledgeable in all aspects of club management. By
using the NFBA systems, I have created a completely new
and positive small group training culture in the club.
By moving towards small group training, my clients are
getting better results and are referring their family
and friends.

If you need a competitive edge, and want to ensure your
club's long term success, then you and your staff
should attend the next NFBA workshop. It WILL change
your business for good!"

Mary Schoepe, Owner
Fitness Concepts
Hensonville, NY

The National Fitness Business Alliance has been educating fitness professionals, owners and managers for the last 30 years. We have helped tens of thousands of people get on the path to business success! If you aren't serious about making the change in your business then this workshop isn�t for you. We want fitness professionals who are ethical in their business practices and are serious about making money to attend our workshops.
Here is what we know:

Sales people who are not trainers cannot sell training and it is laughable that anyone expects them to be effective at something they don't usually do and don't understand. A trainer selling to his own client is sort of like asking a person who has chosen to do social work as their lifes work to now become the president of Apple. What attracted you to the job in the first place is what defines you as a person, and a person who loves people and helping them get results is not likely going to be someone who can sit and sell an expensive product. It is not that they don't have talent or are not smart: it's because advanced sales skills and being a compassionate trainer usually don't reside in the same person.
The old adage is that you can't sell a Ferrari if you have never driven a Ferrari has enough truth in it to apply to what we do in our businesses. Sales people are seldom certified trainers, have never really problem solved with a client past typical sales pressure questions and are not capable of projecting the client into the future. Explaining the price of a training program is not anything like taking a client through an hour assessment and then placing that person into the training level that would most meet their needs and goals.
The unusual thing about training and fitness is that it is all future service based compared to selling a tangible object today. In other words, we are selling something that will happen to you in the future, such as changes in your body or happiness derived from getting into shape versus selling someone a television set that they throw into the cart, drive it home and watch it an hour from now. Selling future service is what training represents. Selling a television is what a membership represents. These are two different products that need two entirely different sales approaches.
Because these salespeople are not trainers, or truly understand the nature of training, the membership sale always comes down to things such as classes, equipment, access or if we boiled all of these down, most mainstream gyms sell nothing more than rental space on their equipment. There is always outrage about this comment when it is used around mainstream box owners, but the reality is that if only about 5% of the population of a typical box gym pays for traditional, old-style personal training, then that means that 95% of the membership is paying for do-it-yourself fitness and their monthly fee is for nothing but the rental of the equipment in that huge box.
Mainstream fitness facilities, such as the chains, Ys, and JCCs should all target at least 40% of their membership as training clients using tools such as large group personal training, small group intensive coaching groups all coupled with a small dose of one-on-one. Doing this isn't that hard if the owners or managers are willing to break away from the traditional organization chart of a mainstream box club.
In the new world of fitness where the sale is based upon getting the maximum results for the maximum number of clients, you can't use a sales heavy staffing chart. This traditional method of sales has to be replaced with a dual approach using a lessor sales team that represents the front line of sales, such as drop-ins or buddy referrals, and then that team feeds those clients to the single, most important person on your team, which is the assessor.
The assessor represents next generation staffing for today's model. This person should be a trainer that has experience and who is not afraid of asking for money and does nothing but meet with as many potential members as possible and then places those clients somewhere into the training system. In other words, this person feeds all the rest of the trainers and generates the largest amount of monthly revenue for the gym.
This is the job of the future not only for the mainstream player but for the training gym as well. Simply put, this is an acquisition job that targets getting a larger percentage of clients into your training programs. As most of you have learned over the years, the last person who should ever be selling anyone anything is a trainer.
Trainers didn't get into the industry because they love to sell people things; they got in because they love to help people, which is a purely intrinsic motivation. This is why your assessor should be a trainer, but who is also someone not afraid of asking for money and who is just looking to move beyond the day-to-day routine of training clients.
There has never been a better time to be in the fitness industry.

The assessment tool itself is based upon a simple premise: Time is the enemy of fitness. Most clients do not want to meet with a traditional trainer in a typical mainstream gym because they know that only two things will happen and neither one of those things are good. First of all, you will be asked (pressured) into one-on-one or secondly, you will be given a circuit workout dating back to the 1980s and be made to feel like a lowlife since you couldn't/wouldn't pay for one-on-one.
Getting people to the assessor is as simple as stating to the client that time is the enemy of fitness and that our goal is to first find where you currently are on the path to fitness and then help you put together the shortest plan possible to help you reach your goals. Remember that you are not trying to work someone to death during this process but rather letting the person know that he or she can really do this workout thing, that you are a professional that can guide them and that you are the most patient person on earth.

Rick Mayo

Rick is founder and President of North Point Fitness in Roswell, GA as well as North Point Personal Training Systems. Being one of the most profitable facilities in the country per square foot, Rick and his team have been featured in numerous national publications including Men�s Health and Woman�s Day.

Rick is widely recognized in the industry for his innovation and systematic approach to developing programs designed to achieve member success and results.

As well as International speaker and business consultant, Rick is also the self-proclaimed "most interesting man in the world.� Come see for yourself!

Biz.Train.Con is not your typical business workshop

The NFBA believes that education is power. Education is the difference between someone who is making money and someone who is struggling. Never stop learning, growing and developing unless you want the money you are making to stop along with it.

When you attend an NFBA workshop you get full access and information. There are no sales pitches on what you need to buy to get the success our clients have reached.
Here's a sneak peak at what we are teaching at Biz.Train.Con

General Sales from the time a potential client comes to your business including the Trial Membership.

The 30 day process that we intake potential clients so they are onboarded into the system successfully.

Assessment Process that head trainers will use to educate and upsell new and current members to Training Program.
You have 2 chances to attend Biz.Train.Con

Atlanta, GA - September 20th

Chicago, IL - December 18th

What does it cost to attend the Biz.Train.Con?

The cost to attend an NFBA workshop is inexpensive! We don't believe that business skills and systems should cost you millions of dollars.

$189.00  Single Seat  $309.00  Group of 3

If you are still unsure about registering check out our guarantee!

Mike Carville

"NFBA is simply the best source of management, marketing, sales, and training information in the health club industry. We struggled to grow our personal training services for many years. We followed the NFBA training-centric model in our two full service health clubs and have increased training revenues 5 fold in 18 months. Nuff said..."

Mike Carville, Owner
South Yuba Club
Nevada City, CA

NFBA Satisfaction Guarantee

After attending the NFBA Biz.Train.Con event, you feel the systems and techniques taught are not able to help you change your business, the NFBA will refund your money - No questions asked. The NFBA stands behind our Education Team and the information we have to provide.

We know our Satisfaction Guarantee is bold. Most of you probably wouldn't offer the same guarantee for your own business. But we know the information we are teaching is that awesome.

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