December 14th and 15th

If what you are doing isn't working, then what you are doing isn't working! The fitness business is now changing faster than almost anyone can keep up. Functional training, the advent of the literate trainer, the failure of the box style business plan, the cannibalism of the low priced players, the increasing sophistication of the clients we serve and the general frustration by the consumer that fitness centers only exist to take money from people who will never use their services have all combined to create an industry that seems lost, dazed and inept.

The future success of your business is dependent on you making the decision to change your business.

Our Biz.Train.Con is going to take you through the fundamentals of the entire Training Centric Business System

Our team of speakers will teach you the new sales techniques and systems that your business and staff needs to reach ultimate success.

This one day event will take you through:

  • General sales from the time a potential client comes to your business including the Trial Membership
  • The 30 day process that we intake potential clients so they are integrated into the system successfully
  • Assessment Process that head trainers will use to educate and upsell new and current members to Training Program
  • Understanding the roles and staffing the business will need to hit numbers and make money.
Attending Biz.Train.Con will provide the information the team needs to blow the roof off your Training Centric Business.

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