Wanted: Motivated fitness professionals who want to: change people's lives everyday and make more money while they are doing it! If you fit this profile then read about how attending the NFBA Fit.Biz.Con can change the outlook of your fitness business!
Dear Fitness Entrepreneur,

For one reason or another you are involved in the fitness industry! One of the rare professions that you can literally change someone's life every day you go to work. By helping people find a path to a healthier lifestyle, you are changing lives.

So you decided to open a fitness business! The one you were working at all those years again had no idea what they were doing and you knew that you could do it better. Fast-forward a few years - you have a facility and you are doing things your way.

However, you didn't realize how hard running a business was going to be. Now you realize that you need the skill sets that would allow you to take your business into the future - Not only so you can live your dream but so you can make some money along the way.

The NFBA has the education and information you need to make a difference in your business immediately. If you need to learn more about the fitness business but don't necessarily know what it is your business needs - look no further!

If you are ready to take your business to the next level of success in 2013 you need to take a moment and read about our Fit.Biz.Con event and see how quickly your business can change!
New to FIT.BIZ.CON 2013
  • Understanding the importance of the Chain of Sequence and Creating Business Bench Marks.
  • Building a Culture that will allow employees to grow and succeed within your business. Allowing you to make more money and continue to grow your success.
  • Expanding Marketing to include specific branding.
  • Knowing the difference between a training philosophy vs. a business platform and how this effects your business.

The National Fitness Business Alliance has been educating fitness professionals, owners and managers for the last 30 years. We have helped tens of thousands of people get on the path to business success! If you aren't serious about making the change in your business then this workshop isn't for you. We want fitness professionals who are ethical in their business practices and are serious about making money to attend our workshops.
Here's what we know:

1995 isn't coming back. Pressured sales aren't ever going to work ever again. Price driven ads will not work when everyone goes low. Circuit training is insulting to today's clients. Service is not the amount of equipment you have but the amount of results you get per member.

Now is the time to change your business (whether you are a training facility or traditional club) to keep members staying longer and paying longer. Mastering this skill set as a fitness professional will allow you to overcome any competitor that comes your way.

Becoming a Training Centric Business will position your business and your life to hit benchmarks that you never thought possible:

STOP replacing members who don't renew or cancel! Do you know how much that is costing you?

competition in the dust no matter how much they are charging per month.

common business mistakes - Run the business by the numbers because the numbers never lie.

be handcuffed by the past. No matter what you are doing now you have so much potential for the future.

The solution is simple: you need to create a consistent income that will allow you to be profitable. However, you need to learn how to protect your business so that it continues to move forward not backwards. While many fitness professionals might be struggling, you want to learn the systems and the skills to be prepared for anything and everything.

There has never been a better time to be in the business of fitness.

Consumers are more knowledgeable and aware than they have ever been. They know what they are looking for in a fitness business and they know what they aren't looking for - primarily because they have been unsuccessful so many times.

Using a business model like our Training Centric Business System allows you to finally sell something that makes 100% sense and actually works.

There is no secret formula or magic hocus pocus - By simply attending our Fit.Biz.Con event you'll leave with an entire business system blueprint that you can begin to implement in your business immediately.

Fit.Biz.Con is not your typical business workshop
The NFBA believes that education is power. Education is the difference between someone who is making money and someone who is struggling. Never stop learning, growing and developing unless you want the money you are making to stop along with it.

When you attend an NFBA workshop you get full access and information on the systems, techniques and our Education Team. There are no sales pitches on what you need to buy to get the success our clients have reached.

Here�s a Sneak Peek at what we are Teaching at Fit.Biz.Con Marketing isn't magic, it's  consistency!! Marketing is being out there every week with a consistent look and image. We ask people if they are marketing (the ones not making money) and the answer is always: "No, marketing just doesn't work for us."

You have to learn how to make marketing work or you will fail! There are fitness businesses where people just walk through the door everyday begging for memberships. Marketing does work, but lazy, cheap, inexperienced fitness professionals fail to master the art. Marketing isn't magic, it's work and persistence.

Everyone has to get results! If your members or clients don't get results they walk away. In the past, we didn't care because we could always replace them. Today, we do care, because we finally learned that we can no longer replace them as easily as we once did. The question to ask yourself is: "Does the highest percentage possible of the members in my club work with a coach of some kind during their visits, such as a trainer or group exercise person?"

If the answer is no, you will have a retention issue and you will have a hard time replacing those lost members who fail. We have all kinds of lame excuses as to why people leave, but it is really our fault. People sign up to get results, fail, and then leave. It is simple; we didn't do our job and we lost money because of it.

We have to convert 65% of all leads through the door into memberships The national average is still below 40%. We get enough leads in most businesses but can't convert. There are a number of reasons, but the main culprits are: too much pressure on the first visit, no follow up, no ability to train the guests during the first visits, dependency on circuit training as our primary training system and sales people who have no training experience.

There is too much competition to survive if you are only achieving 40% or less. Everyone bitches and moans about marketing, but in essence it is almost always a sales issue that is taking them down because you can't convert the leads you do have.

Retention is service and service is retention For years we have asked participants in our workshops how much training owners do with their staff on a weekly basis. The question always generates sheepish grins, a few shrugs and some quiet laughs. The reality is that most dont train their front line people more than an hour a week. And we wonder why we lose so many members. Is there anything more important than training your staff to deliver good customer service? Is there anything more important than learning to keep the members you already have fought for in the system?

Retention is not about the amount of equipment you own, the number of treadmills, the number of classes or the hours of the facility. Retention is about the relationship between your members and the people who work in your business. Can't find the time to train your people? You'll have a lot of time when you lose your business.

You have to let go and move on: We saw an honest to God mullet head at the airport last week. The guy was in his 40's and had a giant mullet haircut right out of a 1980's Patrick Swayze movie and it honestly scared the hell out of me. There are many owners still living in the mullet head days and their clubs reflect that era. What we did in the 90's does not work anymore and it is time for everyone to move on.

This is the era of retention, getting the member the ultimate results through functional training. It's the end of circuit training, crammed clubs and body builders. Keeping it simple! Your business has to reflect what the member wants to buy, which is easy to recognize if you have ever picked up a Men's Health or been to an advanced training workshop.

All of these ideas rest on the concept of working your ass off. Businesses are like four-year-old kids; if you don't watch them all the time they will pee in your sock drawer. If you want to make money, keep it simple.

Thomas Plummer

Thomas Plummer has been working in the fitness industry for over 30 years. Though he is not one to brag� he is known as the "FITNESS BUSINESS GURU!� and throughout his years as a road warrior, maverick, and leading consultant of the fitness industry he has seen and heard it all! He is the founder of the Thomas Plummer Company, as well as the National Fitness Business Alliance (NFBA), a group of industry vendors and suppliers who have banded together to provide education and tradeshows to the independent club owner. Currently, the NFBA offers over 20 seminars a year across the country.

He doesn�t hold back, says it like he means it, leaves out all the bullshit approach which is what makes him not only one of the best speakers in the industry but by far the most entertaining.

Plummer is in front of more than 5,000 people a year, through numerous speaking engagements as a keynote speaker and event host, he also gives lectures and workshops world wide. Among some of the speaking engagements he also sits on the board of Titleist Performance Institute and works closely with Reebok International.

He has authored six books on the business of fitness, which have remained the bestselling books in the industry for over 12 years. Several of the books are currently used as textbooks in numerous college programs.

Due to over 70,000 people who have attended his workshops during the past decade and beyond, coupled with the continuing popularity of his books, many industry experts feel that Plummer is the most influential person working in the fitness industry today. He has dedicated his life to helping the young fitness professional in this industry become financially successful doing what they love. During his 30-year trek, he has shown thousands of people how to make money ethically while still creating their own lives in fitness.

These days he has found his true calling in life coaching and helping people find their true purpose in life. Helping them set and reach goals and asking tough questions to get them thinking about their future. Thom has a unique approach to guiding and leading the way with a blunt way of telling you things you don't want to hear, but need to hear.  He truly is on a mission to change lives in an industry that is known to be so harsh.

Plummer attended Western Illinois University and the attended graduate school at the University of Arkansas. He started working in the martial arts (Taekwondo) in 1976, He worked as a ski instructor in Colorado for 10 years, raced bicycles in the 1970's, reached a third-degree black belt in the 1980's, and loves music, books and the water. He currently lives on Cape Cod with his family, travels extensively, and is presently working on his next book project!

You have 3 chances left to attend Fit.Biz.Con 2013!

San Francisco, CA - Sept. 6th

Baltimore, MD - October 11th

3. Seattle, WA - December 6th
What does it cost to attend the Fit.Biz.Con?

The cost to attend an NFBA Workshop is insanely inexpensive. We don't believe business skills and basic business knowledge needs to cost millions of dollars.

$189.00  Single Seat  |  $309.00  Group of 3

If you are still unsure about registering check out our guarantee!

Mike Carville

"NFBA is simply the best source of management, marketing, sales, and training information in the health club industry. We struggled to grow our personal training services for many years. We followed the NFBA training-centric model in our two full service health clubs and have increased training revenues 5 fold in 18 months. Nuff said..."

Mike Carville, Owner
South Yuba Club
Nevada City, CA

NFBA Satisfaction Guarantee

After attending the NFBA Fit.Biz.Con event, you feel the systems and techniques taught are not able to help you change your business, the NFBA will refund your money - No questions asked. The NFBA stands behind our Education Team and the information we have to provide.

We know our Satisfaction Guarantee is bold. Most of you probably wouldn't offer the same guarantee for your own business. But we know the information we are teaching is that awesome.

What will you commit to?

We know asking you to take time away from your business and family is hard. However this is going to one of the best decisions you have ever made in your business life.

Are you committed enough to put time and energy into making a positive business change that will have long lasting results?

Are you committed enough to take get out of your comfort zone and learn new information that would give you the tools necessary to make more money?

Are you committed enough to be the best part of someone's day everyday?

Attending a Fit.Biz.Con event will provide you the solution to your business struggles.

Dawn Gregerson

"I attended my first NFBA workshop in 2008. I had very little fitness business experience and was overwhelmed with the information I received. Having the opportunity to learn from the NFBA Education Team was very instrumental for our business.   We are continuously implementing ideas and concepts that we have received from the NFBA meetings, educational material and promotional ideas.  They have the experience and knowledge that we trust in to keep us ahead of our competition.  One of the first things I ever learned from Thomas Plummer was to believe in it, operate by it and put it somewhere on your wall. Our goal to our members is to be:

The BEST Part of YOUR DAY Everyday!"

Dawn Gregerson, Owner
Absolute Fitness
Rainbow City, AL

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