Are you looking for a well-rounded fitness business event that will allow you to position your business and life to be insanely successful? If reading this instantly excites you then read about how you can attend the NFBA Mega.Fit.Con!
Dear Fitness Entrepreneur, 

One thing that the NFBA has always seen a lack in the fitness industry is an event that not only provides you with business information but worked on your life too! Any entrepreneur will tell you the balance of business and life is the most complicated thing to solve. 

Mega.Fit.Con was designed to bring you the best of the industry! Professionals who are making money, making a difference and in general are badass!

The NFBA has the education and information you need to make a difference in your business immediately. If you are looking for the mother ship of fitness business information - You don't need to look any further.

If you are ready to take your business and your life to the next level of success in 2013 you need to take a moment and read about our Mega.Fit.Con event.

Colin McGarty
"I started with the NFBA about 14 months ago. I had zero systems, no full time employees, didn't track my numbers and was generally only focused on training clients. I followed the NFBA's plan and now have doubled my clients, doubled the size of my gym and have multiple employees. And to cap it off I am not training for endless hours everyday. My growth has been astounding. Thank you!"

Colin McGarty
Seacoast Kettlebell
Dover, NH

The National Fitness Business Alliance has been educating fitness professionals, owners and managers for the last 30 years. We have helped tens of thousands of people get on the path to business success! If you aren't serious about making the change in your business then this workshop isn�t for you. We want fitness professionals who are ethical in their business practices and are serious about making money to attend our workshops.
Where the Fitness Industry Is:

For years we always thought people fought change because of arrogance. Changing course would be admitting that what you are doing isn't working. This is especially painful if what you are doing was your idea. Admitting the need to change is admitting that you were wrong, and few people who ever get into that position of leadership and power like to admit that maybe the course they have set isn't going to reach the goal.

The fitness business is now changing faster than almost anyone can keep up with. Functional training, the advent of the literate trainer, the failure of the box style business plan, the cannibalism of the low priced players, the increasing sophistication of the clients we serve and the general frustration by the consumer that fitness centers only exist to take money from people who will never use their services have all combined to create an industry that seems lost, dazed and inept.

It's interesting to note that the chain players usually fight change the hardest. This worldwide group spends all their time, money and assets wishing for the past to return. If only we can find the right special, funding, unique line of equipment or programming, the membership sales will return to past glory days. When your wife goes away for a few days to "find her own space� and takes your pool boy with her, and you are too desperate to remember you don't even have a pool! She isn't coming back-not now, not ever-and neither are the glory days of fitness.

On the other side are the training club owners who live by change and whose businesses exist solely due to the fact that the chain players failed so miserably in the "getting clients in shape" portion of their business. If the chains understood how to get people in shape, there would be no need for training clubs. These training club owners were born of change and will lead the charge for the next generation.

Change is inevitable in this business during the next five years and here are a few rules that might help you get that shoulder into that ever-growing wall of fear and inertia:

  • Realize that your current numbers don't reflect a downturn, but your new reality.
  • If your sales numbers have been flat, or are declining, for more than three months, this isn�t the sign of a short-term trend, but your new reality.
  • This is where you are, and where you will always be, unless you realize that change is the only tool you own that will help you escape.
There has never been a better time to be in the business of fitness.

Commit to change fully. Most fitness entrepreneurs act like an old lady at a public swimming pool who takes an hour to get wet. First one toe, then maybe all the toes and eventually she sits on the wall with her feet in. By the time she gets into the pool the rest of the family is packed and ready to go home. This is like the old school club owners who want to put in a functional room with just a few limited pieces of equipment to see if it works first. By the time he messes around with a fake change, the rest of the industry has passed by the window. This strategy guarantees that it will fail because you failed to commit. Get naked, run hard and jump into the damn pool. What you are doing is failing, so where is the risk at committing to a new, broader plan?

Realize that someone is going to get pissed. Some members, and key staff, refuse to change and they need to go home now. So many owners stall on making change due to fear of making some members mad or through the agony of fighting resistant staff. Members will get mad and there is little you can do about it but replace them. The big picture is that if your business plan generates X now, and it has tapped out as proven by a flat growth line, then losing a few members will open the door and allow you go to get your business to Y, something that can't be accomplished with your current plan. The old adage is right: the needs of the many are more important than the needs of the few and you might have to take a few casualties to get change done. And if you have a resistant staff then explain fully, take some time but in the end some will not be able to grow and they need to be replaced.

Get your staff involved early. Larger chains especially suffer from this lack of internal information. The staff needs to be informed early and often as to what is happening, how it affects them and how it affects the members. Your team can't support change if they don't understand what is happening.

Inform the members. Members that see stuff happening, but don't understand it, will make up incredible, negative stories to fill the void. Members hate a vacuum and left without information will make up some incredible bullshit to fill that void. Give them letters, email, Facebook posts and Twitter feeds early and often.

You have to change the culture, not patch the hole. Major change requires a change in the culture of the business. For example, when Howard Schultz returned to save Starbucks, he shut down all the stores in the world for an afternoon of training and corporate re-indoctrination. He realized that change could not happen until the culture that supported the failure also changed. Most box players are only willing to make superficial changes rather than committing to a culture change strategy that defines what the business stands for and what it will be in the future.

Lead: don�t follow. I will never understand why any company good enough to build over a 100 clubs ultimately fails because the owners are waiting to see if someone else is doing it first. The, "I am waiting to see if anyone else does it' excuse is another way of saying that you are incapable of judging the information and making a decision for yourself. If you can't make a decision yourself then your company needs to fire you and hire the guy that is going first. How many fortunes have been lost because someone has a good idea but is too scared to go first? Every industry has a leader and why aren't you leading this one? Think Steve Jobs ever waited to see if anyone else would come out with an IPod first? How did that work out for Microsoft?

There has been more change in the fitness industry during the last few years than there has been during the last three decades or longer. Seeking and planning for change is not only good business but also the only way a number of the big boxes will survive. If all else fails, remember one thing: if it isn�t painful, then it isn�t a big enough change to make a difference.

Lisa Welko
"My first experience with the NFBA was in early 2003. I was referred by our Perform Better representative, Aaron Moser, who quietly acknowledged that I had a lot to learn. I remember leaving that workshop with at least 25 action steps and the feeling of knowing I'd just experienced something life changing.

10 years later I'm the president of a multi unit franchise and I still look to the NFBA guidance. Fitness has changed and will continue to change. The NFBA Education Team continues to teach me that I've got to stay ahead of the trends and embrace them.

Now I'm part of setting those trends, and the NFBA is still with me every step of the way!

Lisa Welko,
Ellipse Fitness
Appleton, WI

Kevin Dineen
"When it comes to workouts, programs and training, I am pretty confident in the service I am providing. However, when it comes to the business of personal training not so much. These last 18 months of working with the NFBA have literally changed my life, my clients' lives and the scope of my business. Not only has the NFBA put me in contact with many others who are in similar situations as my own, but they have encouraged me through the many ups and downs that one can experience in the industry.

I appreciate the NFBA, the conferences they provide, and the experience the education team has to offer..."

Kevin Dineen
Structure Personal Fitness Studio€
New York City, NY

John and Denise Gauthier
We have attended the NFBA workshop's with our staff over the last several years and have found that each time we gain new insight and a different perspective on how we should be focused in our business.

Our staff is always rejuvenated and motivated to accept many of the changes that the NFBA has recommended and that we have implemented.  We feel all of the NFBA workshops as an investment in our business and our staff.
John and Denise Gauthier
HCOA Fitness and LOA Fitness for Women
Dallas, TX
Mega.Fit.Con is not your typical business workshop

The NFBA believes that education is power. Education is the difference between someone who is making money and someone who is struggling! Never stop learning, growing and developing unless you want the money you are making to stop along with it.

When you attend an NFBA Workshop you will get full access and information on the systems, techniques and our Education Team. There are no sales pitches on what you need to buy to get the success our clients have reached.
Meet our Education Team
Thomas Plummer
For over 30 years Thom has been working in the fitness industry. He has been in front of more than 5,000 fitness professionals worldwide and authored 6 books on the business of fitness, which have remained the bestselling books in the industry for over 10 years. Many industry experts and professionals feel that Thom is the most influential person in the fitness industry today!

Rick Mayo
Rick is founder and President of North Point Fitness in Roswell, GA as well as North Point Personal Training Systems. Being one of the most profitable facilities in the country per square foot, Rick and his team have been featured in numerous national publications including Men�s Health and Woman�s Day.

Rick is widely recognized in the industry for his innovation and systematic approach to developing programs designed to achieve member success and results.

As well as International speaker and business consultant, Rick is also the self-proclaimed "most interesting man in the world.� Come see for yourself!
Rachel  Cosgrove
Rachel co-owns and operates Results Fitness, a fitness center in Southern California for the past 12 years with her husband Alwyn Cosgrove. Results Fitness was voted one of the top 10 gyms in the United States three years in a row by Men�s Health Magazine. She was named 2012 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year and has authored the best selling book, The Female Body Breakthrough and her forthcoming book, Drop Two Sizes, which will be released in 2013. As one of the featured speakers for the company, Perform Better, she lectures nationally and internationally on topics such as strength training, fat loss, business in the fitness  industry including topics specifically for women, helping them to reach their potential in all aspects of their life.
Emmett Williams
Emmett, a native Australian, is now based in Chicago, IL with his young family. In addition to being president of CFM � an international company that delivers MYZONE, Customer Call and MemberDrive to the fitness industry � he also owns seven independent health clubs.

Emmett is a perpetual student of the business of fitness and is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to attract and retain members. Part of this drive leads him to be a regular speaker at events including IHRSA, Club Industry, NFBA and FILEX. Emmett is also an active member of the non-profit group 1 World Sport that drives the President�s Active Living Award.

With his entertaining accent and extensive research, his philosophy and desire is all about developing businesses that offer customer intelligence based solutions.  His goal is to educate fitness professionals to speak right to the client�s heart to increase success, gain results which in turn increase member retention. 
Rudy Fabiano
As a prominent wellness industry leader and design pioneer, Fabiano�s unique fusion of innovation, inspiration and purpose has attracted both national and international attention. His numerous design awards include 25 Facility Design Awards, 46 Nominations for Facility Design, Athletic Business Facility of Merit Award and was also the winner of the 2000 Hollywood Theme Entertainment Award for Health Club Design. He currently contributes regularly to The Smart Design Series articles in the Club Industry Magazine.

He has completed over 300 health clubs, wellness centers and spas.  He has a very present speaking style that keeps you engaged and inspired!

Rudy has a brilliant gift for creating not only space and design, but can vision social aspects in facilities that increase member experience within the club.  He has a distinct knowledge in bringing together the owner, energy and flow to establish and deliver a seamless design that focuses on helping owners gain market share, raise retention and increase club usage.
Jason Linse
Jason grew up in the cornfields of Minnesota. He graduated from Minnesota State University with a degree in Public Health and hoppy beer. He started working in the fitness industry in 1995. In 2005, Jason started with Snap Fitness headquarters, helping them grow from 14 locations to 1100 locations by October 2010, when he left to start the Business of Fitness.
Jason was an owner of a gym for 2.5 years, before making a difficult decision to sell and focus on helping gym owners across the country maximize their profits.
He is a high-energy presenter, and entertaining writer, always taking the topics seriously, but never himself. He owns a Personality Assessment company called People Plus+ Fitness, so prepare to be analyzed when you meet him.
A self-proclaimed Thomas Plummer super fan, Jason stalked Thom for the better part of a year before Thom broke down and let him join the extended family.
Jason lives in uptown, Minneapolis, exercises daily, runs a lot of 5k and 10k races, carries a 1.5 golf-handicap and loves the Minnesota Vikings, twins, and golden gophers. His favorite TV show is Breaking Bad, and his favorite movie is The Karate Kid. He cannot dance or sing, but that doesn�t stop him from trying.
Jeffrey St. Laurent
Jeff is a University of Massachusetts of Amherst graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. He holds current certifications from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant.

Additionally he is certified through BTS (Body Training Systems) as a Group Fitness Instructor and National Trainer & Presenter. His passion for helping people from his health and fitness background has turned into a fierce desire to EMPOWER people to do it themselves.

Jeff has contagious energy that will get your heart pumping and mind racing on how to become a better business owner, spouse and person. His presentations have left people motivated, inspired and energized to get out of your daily slump as a business owner and take massive action on new information you have learned. He will help teach you how to take everything you have learned from a fitness conference and give you tools, systems and strategies to implement ideas and become successful!

Author of the book Being Fulfilled,  a book where Jeff presents a model which challenges the conventional way of thinking and helps us fill in the gap between wanting more and actually enjoying more. He also has an audio CD titled Bottom Up Thinking,  an Essential for Business Success on how to drive massive action and results. 
You have only 1
chance  left to attend Mega.Fit.Con 2013!

Chicago, IL
 November 14th, 15th and 16th

What does it cost to attend the Mega.Fit.Con?

The cost to attend an NFBA workshop is cheap! We don�t believe business skills and knowledge need to cost you millions of dollars.

$247.00  Single Seat  |  $667.00  Group of 3

If you are still unsure about registering check out our guarantee!

Mike Carville

"NFBA is simply the best source of management, marketing, sales, and training information in the health club industry. We struggled to grow our personal training services for many years. We followed the NFBA training-centric model in our two full service health clubs and have increased training revenues 5 fold in 18 months. Nuff said..."

Mike Carville, Owner
South Yuba Club
Nevada City, CA

NFBA Satisfaction Guarantee

After attending the NFBA Mega.Fit.Con event, if you feel the systems and techniques taught are not able to help you change your business, the NFBA will refund your money � NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

The NFBA stands behind our Education Team and the information we provide.

We know our Satisfaction Guarantee is bold. Most of you probably wouldn't offer the same guarantee in your own business. But we know the information we are teaching is the best!

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